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Want to feel
unique ? 

Want to wear upcycled shorts ? 

Want to wear custom-made shorts ? 

Want to wear shorts created by French seamstresses ? 

Shorts are the new dress ! 

You can finally wear sustainable and elegant shorts.

Day or night

 You're stylish all the time, rather you wear flats or high heels ! 

Short à pois rose madame signorini


Each pair of shorts is unique and upcycled : in order to protect the planet, Madame Signorini works hand in hand with a French / Italian supplier based in Nice.


This enables her to buy exceptional material from luxurious fashion houses so that they are transformed into a unique creation for you ! 

What are Madame Signori shorts ? Elegant, eco-conscious & specially designed high quality shorts 


Made by a French seamstress in Nice, in the heart of the beautiful French Riviera, for you to wear your values!

The revelation drop

Through her designs, Madame Signorini proves that upcycling is synonymous of beauty, creation and revelation for each of us.

Each pair of shorts is designed with high quality leftover material : each piece is almost unique as quantity is strictly limited.

Once the shorts are sold out, there can never be the same again ! 

These shorts are made by women for women : the designer, the stylist, the seamstress, the models, the photograph are all women.

Bringing together their strenghts and skills to create an empowering short collection 

Shorts different colors, green, tweed pink, wild shorts.jpg

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