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The beginning

Dressing up should be easy for all women who like fashion and want to dress according to their values. 

Offering yourself elegant, environmentally friendly clothing is now POSSIBLE thanks to Ms Signorini.


Madame Signorini wishes for all women to have access to a unique, beautiful pair of shorts that can be worn in all circumstances: at the office, during family time, for dinner, for a stroll, for dancing, or simply to please yourself! 


Each pair of shorts is designed to be as comfortable as it is elegant: you are free to move and your curves are enhanced! 


These shorts are unique ? WHY?


Each fabric has been carefully chosen for its specificity: pattern, material, softness ...

Fabrics abandoned by haute couture houses because of their insufficient quantity to be used on a large scale are reused for the best purpose : they will make your legs shine !


Madame Signorini thus reduces the ecological impact of clothing production: as we know, fashion is now one of the most polluting industries in the world. 

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The Mission

Madame Signorini's observation is simple: fast fashion is one of the biggest sources of pollution.

We can do something about it by choosing quality, locally produced fabrics that don't get damaged over time. 
Thus the project:  restoring the prestige of these abandoned fabrics by  reusing them to create stylish shorts for women.

This is also why each fabric selected by Mrs. Signorini is reused until there is no more left, to avoid waste. 
These shorts are therefore unique as quantities are limited.

Together we can protect our planet: 

buying less but better for more sustainable fashion ! 

Be unique!
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Creative Process

Madame Signorini represents all women who are seamstresses: 


"All our fabrics are chosen for their specificity, their originality. The fabrics come from Northern Italy, where I am from. 


The shorts are made in Nice by a seamstress who is passionate about this project. Everything is handmade, the quality is that of tailor-made pieces. 


My philosophy is to work with the best of the two countries that are so dear to me: Italy and France offer what I think is the most qualitative process for the creation of these unique collections."


Madame Signorini 


Alice Signorini

Since I was a little girl, I have been attracted to beautiful fabrics. As soon as I could afford it, even if it meant having little but of good quality, I invested in these fabrics to imagine pieces of  clothing that would stand out of the ordinary.  

Through various encounters and specifically while meeting two very talented people in the fashion business, I discovered the unique feeling of having tailor-made products : 


- A great seamstress who is passionate about her job;


- A fantastic fabric supplier in Nice. 


Choosing fabrics destined for prestigious fashion houses came as a revelation.


That's why I decided to create a collection of shorts that I want to be daring, timeless and that celebrate every women. 


A quality close to haute couture, handmade by Madeleine in Nice, respecting the environment. 

From the design of the pair of shorts to their sale offering, everything is thought to be environmentally friendly : the whole journey of one pair of shorts is located within a 500 km radius from Nice, and the reduction of all sources of waste is one of my priorities.

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